Customer Data Enrichment

Become an expert on your customers with a modern CDP. Build personas on enriched customer data. 

Enhanced Customer Data

Build on your existing customer data with hundreds of attributes like: marital status, household income, purchase behaviors, interests, and more. 

Generate Personas

Machine learning uses this data to uncover distinct attributes for your brand, and generate custom personas for your key customers. 

Existing Personas

Already have personas built out? Simply upload them into Decile and track key trends across these groups.

Onboard Audiences

Onboard persona audiences to key advertising, email, and SMS platforms directly from Decile with the click of a button. 

Automatic Updates

Audiences are automatically updated as new customers are acquired, so you can focus more time on high-level tasks. 


Decile is a modern CDP, built to deliver unmatched insights into who your customers are. We enhance your first party customer data, and use that to deliver insights that elevate your marketing and product strategy. Generate personas based on your unique brand data, and understand how each group interacts with your products, marketing channels, and more. As you gain new customers, they are automatically assigned to the appropriate persona, making it simple to analyze your data and onboard to marketing and advertising platforms. 

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