Customer Segmentation & Onboarding Software

Segment customers based on shared characteristics and onboard to advertising platforms directly from Decile.

Marketing team meeting: strategic onboarding from Decile to marketing and ad platforms

How it Works

Decile’s customer segmentation tools allow brands to effortlessly reach the right target audience. Segment customers by nearly any dimension with the click of a button, to uncover trends and insights. Segment by demographic, lifecycle stage, persona and more.

Create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns by understanding your customers purchasing habits, interests, demographics, and likelihood to purchase again. Decile’s segmentation software can help you improve retention and acquisition efforts, and reduce marketing waste. Once audiences are built in Decile, you can easily onboard them to advertising, email, and SMS campaigns with a few simple clicks.

why use

Marketing Segmentation & Onboarding Software

Marketing segmentation tools empower your team to tailor campaigns to different groups of customers. Understand which products, messaging, creative, and channels work best for each audience to drive demand and grow your revenue profitably.

Audience Segmentation

Use advanced segmentation capabilities to build targeted campaigns that speak to each unique audience. Tailor personalized messaging, creative, and channel to drive action.

Strategic Onboarding

Integrate seamlessly with nearly any marketing or advertising channel. Onboard these audiences directly from Decile, making workflows more efficient than ever.

Reduced Marketing Waste

Eliminate marketing waste and grow profitably. Reach the right customers with the right products at the right time. 

Decile integrates with nearly any platform to seamlessly snap into existing workflows. Integrations include Amazon DSP, TikTok, Attentive, Facebook, Google Ads, Klaviyo, Narvar, Pinterest, Rivo, Shopify, Snapchat, Snowflake, Twitter, Yotpo, and more


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