The Best eCommerce Customer Persona Tool

AI-generated personas in Decile are unique to your brand, and reflective of your unique customer base. Top demographic and psychographic traits of your customers are identified and grouped together to create personas that are representative of your target audience.

Why Use a Customer Persona Tool?


Dynamic AI-generated personas group your customers into demographic and psychographic clusters reflective of your unique customer base. AI automatically assigns new customers to the appropriate persona, allowing them to be used in personalization initiatives.


Tailor marketing campaigns to improve growth and retention of top customer segments with creative, products, messaging, and advertising channels that best resonate with each customer persona. Export key customer traits to your marketing channels, advertising platforms, and data warehouses. 


Identify opportunities and implement personalization into your growth marketing efforts to make campaigns stand out amongst the noise. Understand Total Addressable Market for your top personas, along with metrics like lifetime revenue, average order value, and demographic information.


Build data-centric campaigns that optimize customer retention, build loyalty, and maximize lifetime value. Understand how product purchase behaviors and marketing/advertising channels differ between personas. Get real-time, actionable insights to help nurture and retain your best customers. 

How it Works

The foundation to personalized marketing outreach is your customer data. First-party data like purchase history or acquisition channel can be helpful – but to create a truly personalized experience, you need a more robust view of your customers. Decile’s customer persona tool appends customer data with demographic and psychographic attributes for a 360-degree view of your customers. Millions of data points are then analyzed, and clusters of similar traits are identified. Dynamic AI-generated personas are created, which represent the highest-value customers unique to your brand – helping you reach your ecommerce target audience with ease.


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