Executive Insights

Monitor the health of your business today, and inform strategic planning decisions for the future.

Decile growth marketing dashboard: Acquisition - Flash Report. Includes customers acquired by period.
Business team reviewing marketing strategy

Business Health

Increasing customer count doesn’t always equate to a healthy business. Decile accounts for a variety of factors to help you evaluate overall business health, and set strategic goals that translate to profitability.

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Executive Dashboards

Customer Growth & Demographics

All the customer metrics your executive team needs – in one convenient dashboard. Understand your customer demographics and ensure you are acquiring healthy, high-value customers. 

eCommerce Performance

A snapshot of your ecommerce performance, including insights like: average order value, year over year changes, order source comparisons and more. 

Product Performance

Compare performance of product categories or specific products. An at-a-glance view of how your products are performing.

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