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Actively monitor the health of your business in real time, and inform strategic planning decisions for the future.

A Pulse on Business Health

Increasing customer count doesn’t always equate to a healthy business.
Decile accounts for a variety of factors to help you evaluate overall business health, and set strategic goals that translate to growth.
Answer questions like:

What is the average LTV and AOV of my customers?

What modifications can we make to hit or exceed revenue goals?

Which products and product categories are most successful?

How does revenue compare to last year?

What are our untapped areas of opportunity?

What is the most profitable acquisition source?

Executive Dashboards

All the metrics you need to track profitability - in one convenient dashboard

Customer Growth

A consolidated view of customer metrics in a single, convenient dashboard. Access a snapshot of customer demographics, and ensure you’re acquiring high-value customers that drive profitability.

eCommerce Performance

A summary of your eCommerce performance, including insights like: average order value, year over year changes, advertising channel comparisons, and shifts in average customer lifetime value.

Product Performance

View and compare performance at the product level for analytics that go far beyond units sold. Understand which products are generating most value, which are often purchased together, which have high repurchase rates, and more.

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