Customer Data Enrichment

Become an expert on your customers with a modern CDP.

The Best Customer Data Platform for eCommerce Brands

Built by and for marketers, Decile is an all-in-one customer data and analytics platform that helps you understand your top customers – and acquire / retain more of them. Build personas on enriched 1P customer data with attributes like demographic, psychographic and behavioral data. Use these actionable insights to improve campaigns and maximize revenue.

eCommerce Data Enrichment: How it Works

Take advantage of your best marketing asset – your first-party data. 

Decile brings together your first-party data with hundreds of enrichment attributes. These demographic, psychographic and behavioral details help you identify traits of your customer base – including your top customers.

Use these insights to refine and elevate marketing and product strategy. Improve campaign performance with personalization and precise targeting that can be onboarded to marketing platforms directly from Decile. 

Reviewing business insights to analyze growth

Why Use Customer Data Enrichment?

Customer-Centric Analytics

Identify and compare high-value customers that will drive business forward. Discover differences across customer segments and how interact with your brand. Customer data is enriched with hundreds of demographic and psychographic traits for robust and meaningful comparisons between key customer segments.


Access AI-generated personas unique to your brand. Dynamic Personas group customers into demographic and psychographic clusters reflective of your customer base. New customers are automatically assigned to the appropriate persona, and can be used in personalization initiatives.


Tailor marketing campaigns to improve growth and retention of key customer segments. Identify key attributes distinguishing customer groups, including discount sensitive purchasers, multi-category purchasers, and demographic/psychographic specific segments. 

Seamless Workflows

Integrate with e-commerce platforms, web analytics tools, and advertising/marketing channels with frictionless ingestion of data. Back-end data hygiene, deduplication and identity resolution with regular updates ensures your data is clean and maintained. Onboard customer segments as audiences directly to advertising and marketing platforms.

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