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Position your products to proactively guide customers to their next purchase. Understand which products drive the most profitable customers, your best acquisition products, and more.

Decile dashboard - Top 20 product sequences

How it Works

Part of growing profitably is evaluating and evolving your product strategy. Which products attract the most valuable customers? Are there product sequences that can be used to improve retention? Can bundling strategies improve AOV? Decile helps you easily answer these questions and analyze product trends to make strategic business decisions.

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Hero Product

Hero Products

Your hero products aren’t always those that acquire the most customers, or that bring in a strong first purchase order value. Decile’s holistic approach looks at the full picture, so you can identify the products which lead to the most profitability and customer lifetime value. 

Answer questions like: What are my hero products (high LTV & retention)? What are my top acquisition products? Which products have the lowest CAC? Which products appeal to specific personas?

product sequencing

Product Sequencing

See which products a customer is likely to purchase next based on previous orders. Tailor campaigns to feature the next products in the sequence.

Answer questions like: How does the product journey vary between customer cohorts? Which product flows are the most valuable? How do recently released products compare to my evergreen offering?

product bundling

Product Bundling

Uncover bundling opportunities by identifying products which are commonly purchased together to drive incremental revenue. 

Answer questions like: Which products are commonly purchased together? Which products are purchased independently? Which products are substitutes for one another?

ecommerce subscriptions


Do you already have customers who are acting like subscribers – coming back again and again to repurchase? 

Jumpstart your subscription program with insights that help you identify: Which products are being repurchased regularly? How frequently are these products being purchased? What is my subscriber conversion rate? Which campaigns are most successful in acquiring new subscription customers?

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