Ecommerce Customer Analytics & Insights

Decile’s customer analytics tools help you identify, attract and retain your highest value customers. Better understand behaviors of your customers to deliver precise targeting and personalized messaging. 

How it Works

Determine common traits of your best customers and acquire more of them with customer behavior analytics and insights. Our team helps you uncover the most valuable and actionable insights to build marketing strategies that ignite growth. 

Why Use a Customer Insights Tool?

Customer insights tools help you determine what makes your high value customer unique, so you can find and acquire more that look like them. Decile helps to bolster your marketing efforts, with analytics that allow you to:

Reach Your Best Customers

Get insights into which products and channels are most effective in acquiring and retaining more high LTV customers. Use predictive analytics capabilities to define your top personas, predict the likelihood of customers making another purchase, and when that next purchase will likely be.

Segment by Lifecycle

Determine which customers are likely to churn soon, so they can be onboarded to social platforms, ESPs, SMS providers and search platforms. This can be especially useful during BFCM and the holiday season.

Analyze Cohort Health

Understand which segments of your customer base bring most value to your business. Tie back any changes in customer groups to changes in your marketing strategy.

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