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DECILE Customer Case Study

CPG exceeds their incremental revenue goal by 67% within 70 days with Decile

CPG brand was exploring customer data platforms. Decile was tested, with a goal of generating a specific dollar amount within the course of 90 days.


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Increase incremental revenue

Goals Met

Revenue goal was exceeded within 70 days of the 90 day test period

Incremental revenue goal was exceeded by

in 70 days

0 %

as of day 70, they reached

that of their benchmark

0 x

Continued Residual Revenue Being Generated

Business Question

Prominent CPG brand was exploring whether to implement a new customer data platform, or continue digital spend and decision-making as they had been.

They tested Decile, with the goal of generating a specific dollar amount of incremental revenue over the course of 90 days. After brainstorming potential strategies with the Decile team, the brand decided to lean into email marketing.

Given the short timeframe to demonstrate results, this was identified as the “low hanging fruit.” The teams began analysis of what types of highly personalized email campaigns could be deployed to reach the incremental revenue goal.

The Solution

Action taken: Built out emails focused on product pairings to encourage purchase

Action taken:  Placed at-risk and churned customers into win back campaigns, highlighting products they are likely to purchase next

Action taken:  Twin packs were introduced at a discounted price via email campaign

Action taken:  Shared a discount to incentivize customers to purchase faster

Action taken: Feature highly purchased products in welcome emails for higher probability of conversion

Action taken: Launched emails featuring products they were likely to buy in place of those which were no longer available

Action taken: Emails were launched with newly available subscription window offerings

The Results

Incremental revenue goal eas exceeded by 67% within 70 days of the 90 day test period

As of day 70, incremental revenue was at 5x that of their benchmark

Email campaigns created during this period continue generating residual revenue for the brand

More From Our Clients

A must-have for brands looking for an easy way to dive into their Shopify analytics. The audience creation tool has been helpful with creating custom audiences for our ad platforms. We no longer have to export and import CSV files; Decile does it automatically to all of our major ad platforms with just a click of a button. The Decile team has also been very helpful in ensuring we utilize the platform to its fullest potential.


We have really found value in Decile Analytics, especially with the support of their customer success team. They have helped us navigate the platform, and uncover and visualize data that has had a direct impact on business. They have really integrated as a part of our team and have been a great value add!


We LOVE Decile. Not only is the tool easy to use and capable of answering many questions that empower us to run our business more thoughtfully, but the team is incredible. They are true partners who have taken the time to understand our business and our goals while helping us make the most of this tool. I can’t imagine life without them at this point and would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.


I recommend Decile to all my friends in the ecom space. Their platform provides a ton of information on virtually anything you need to know about your customers, and the best part is that they have data professionals that will help you sift through the data.


Decile has truly revolutionized our business operations. As a small organization operating without the luxury of an in-house data analytics team, Decile has seamlessly stepped into that role for us. Our dedicated representative has been an integral part of our team. His exceptional dedication and expertise have consistently exceeded our expectations. [Our partnership] has empowered us to make data-driven decisions that have positively influenced our business outcomes.


I want all of my Shopify friends and none of my competitors to know about Decile. Not only was I able to answer a master list of 25 CRM questions (which had gone un-answered for MONTHS) within an hour of our data being uploaded, but I was able to action on many of them and push audiences to my media platforms the same day.

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Decile is a game changer. It’s more of a hybrid CDP-analytics tool, and I would put it up against any enterprise CDP. For a business on Shopify, this is a master unlock – we can answer questions we’ve had for years in minutes. The team is great, the UI is top notch, and the Acxiom data is a great addition to paid targeting. Everything that I wanted when I was using an enterprise CDP is available in Decile. I’ve already told so many contacts in the industry – this is the next big tool in the Shopify ecosystem.


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Decile truly feels like an extension of our team, we meet with our account manager on a weekly basis and he serves up useful and actionable insights about our customer behavior which has allowed us to scale our business, drive repeat purchasers and decrease our CAC.

Rifle Paper Co.

Decile has been an integral analytics partner. Their data has helped drive more conversions on ad platforms, identify best selling products by demo and customer, what products customers are buying and when they are buying them. Decile has impacted all areas of our company, beyond just e-commerce, from marketing to product development. In addition to helping us drive more revenue, Decile has made us a smarter company overall.

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Decile is the first company truly democratize customer data platforms. Decile gives you the functionality of a massive enterprise CDP, the ease of a straightforward Shopify integration, and a talented analyst who works directly as an extension of your team – all without a massive price tag.


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The Decile partnership has provided us with access to user-friendly software that allows us to review key business metrics and insights that are fully supported by a fantastic service team who helps us identify new areas of opportunity.


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Decile has provided us with valuable insights into our transaction data so that we are able to make more informed and data-driven decisions in the areas of media strategy and product portfolio management.

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