Ramy Brook

Industry: Luxury Fashion

Business Question

Ramy Brook was searching for ways to meet customer acquisition goals that had been set. In an effort to ramp up new customer volume, they increased their advertising spend, resulting in increased acquisition costs above the company’s baseline. They needed to identify ways to drive customer acquisition, while also driving down CAC.

The Solution

Utilizing Decile’s Sequential Purchase and Refunds reports, they were able to identify that hero products were not being optimally placed in front of potential customers. In both ad campaigns and on the website, products were displayed based on the strength of the creative, rather than purchase history. By changing the focus to feature hero products, the Ramy Brook team was able to improve performance, and reach acquisition goals.

The Result

The Ramy Brook team increased customer acquisition by 45% year-over-year, while decreasing customer acquisition costs by an average of 28%. They were also able to decrease the number of returns, and drove increases in high lifetime customer revenue customers.