The Woolery

Industry: Fiber Arts

Business Question

The Woolery wanted to improve the online customer experience by ensuring that their product catalog aligned with the needs, interests and purchasing behavior of the fiber arts community.

The Solution

They used Decile to identify products that deliver a higher overall affinity and alignment with their customer base. Products with lower affinity were flagged for additional review. 

The Result

Using learnings from Decile’s ecommerce product reports, they were able to improve their cross-sell and suggested product promotions. The Woolery’s BigCommerce online store, media strategy, and inventory decisions have been empowered and informed by their Decile partnership. The result has been a 35% increase in the customer repurchase rate.

“Decile has provided us with valuable insights into our transaction data so that we are able to make more informed and data-driven decisions in the areas of media strategy and product portfolio management.”

– The Woolery