eCommerce Coffee Break

eCommerce Coffee Break

The Ecommerce Coffee Break podcast is your go-to source for practical, real-world insights, and actionable strategies to grow a successful online business using Shopify’s ecommerce platform. Learn from conversations with top experts in ecommerce, marketing, and AI to boost your traffic, conversions, sales, and profit. Hosted by entrepreneur, digital marketing veteran, and coffeeholic Claus Lauter the show covers a broad range of topics, including Shopify apps, direct-to-consumer (DTC,  D2C) marketing, social media, paid advertising, AI, entrepreneurship, and much more.  Learn more  >>

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Topics discussed in this episode of Ecommerce Coffee Break:

The importance of customer retention and how data can be used to improve retention rates
What challenges ecommerce merchants face with managing customer data – and how to overcome them.
Emerging trends in ecommerce for 2024 – including the impact of AI.


05:20 Data enrichment enhances customer profiles with additional details.
07:29 Integrating CDPS and analytics for marketing activation.
13:00 Cookies disappearing, prioritize first-party data collection.
15:15 Marketers using AI for personalized messaging.
17:46 Customized pricing tiers, commitment-free monthly pricing, available on App Store.

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