Scaling eCommerce

Scaling Ecommerce

Scaling eCommerce Podcast delivers ecommerce-centered advertising and scaling tips with DTC expert, Nikita Vakhrushev. Nikitahas been working in the ecommerce space for over 7 years, helping brands grow with Email & SMS Marketing. He is currently the CEO/CMO of Aspekt, a DTC Email & SMS Marketing Agency.  Learn more >>

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The race is over to acquire as many customers as possible without mindfulness to the bottom line. With rising acquisition costs, shifting focus to growing and retaining high value customers is what  ultimately drives profitability. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How to leverage first party data to grow your ideal, high lifetime value (LTV) buyer – and retain this loyal customer base. These customers often act as subscribers even if they don’t have a subscription offering. 
  • How data can help inform product optimization strategies, product sequencing and more.
  • Appending customer data with attributes that allow you to better understand them.
  • How Decile is using AI to determine top customer personas.
  • The importance of democratizing data across an organization.
  • Acting on all this data to build a more effective marketing strategy and tracking over time.

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