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Answer questions like: What are the top personas for my brand? How does purchase behavior differ between cohorts? Which acquisition channels generate the best customers? How effective are discounts and promos for retention?

Decile retention marketing dashboard. Customers - Recency, Frequency, Monetary Tiers

How it Works

Using Decile’s marketing analytics tools, you can easily make data-centric decisions that help you grow profitably. Seamless integration allows you to ingest data from key platforms, and enrich that data with hundreds of attributes that help you understand your customers. Identify key trends and opportunities to acquire and retain your high LTV customers. Activate audiences by onboarding them directly from Decile to marketing and advertising destinations. Improve audience targeting for better campaign results and less marketing waste.

Uncover Insights that Power Growth


Who are my top customers?
AI-generated brand personas identify groups of your top customers - including demographic, psychographic, and behavioral traits. Built within minutes, so you can enhance your personalization strategy immediately.
How do my customer segments compare?
What traits make my high LTV different customers different from the average customer? What about one-time vs. repeat customers? Subscribers vs. non-subscribers? Compare, track and explore your unique customer segments based on any dimension.
How do I grow my high LTV customer base?
When you know specific traits of your top customers, it's easier to find more like them. Target these groups with the products, channels, messaging, and creative that is most likely to resonate.


Which acquisition products lead to high value customers?
Understand whether your high-value customers are typically acquired from a particular product. Highlight these products in acquisition campaign creative and messaging.
Which channels bring in the healthiest customers?
Which marketing and advertising channels are your strongest customers likely to come from? Adjust budget allocation to focus on gaining more customers with a high lifetime value for the best use of your spend.
Which audience segments and campaigns deliver the best LTV:CAC ratio?
Some customers are more profitable than others. Understand the nuances to build campaigns that are most likely to drive a strong LTV:CAC ratio.


How likely is a customer to purchase again within the next 2 weeks?
Reach the right customers when they're ready to buy with perfectly timed outreach. Launch win-back campaigns for customers likely to churn.
Which campaigns are driving the most subscriptions?
Map subscription data to campaign data to help identify which campaigns were effective in converting customers to active subscribers.
What is a customer likely to buy next?
Based on previous products purchased, sequential purchase reports identify what a customer is most likely to buy next.

Advanced Analytics You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Improve customer LTV and profitability by unlocking the value of your first-party data.

Your Customer Data - but Better

Create a Holistic Customer View

Bring together your own first-party data with hundreds of attributes to understand your customers beyond the transaction.

Hundreds of Enrichment Attributes

Enrichment Attributes Include:

Demographic, psychographic & behavioral traits. Use these insights for data-driven segmentation and personalization.

AI-Generated Personas

Built in Minutes, Unique to Your Brand

The most advanced persona generation tool on the market. AI models analyze thousands of data points in your customer base to accurately identify your brand's top personas - all in a matter of minutes.

Intelligent Forecasting

Elevate Retention Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Predict the future lifetime value of your customer cohorts, identify customers' likelihood to repurchase, and define when - and what - that next purchase will be for hyper-targeted messaging.

Segment Audiences by Any Dimension

Advanced Segmentation

Segment audiences by persona, high LTV customers, product affinity, or any other dimension you choose - for the most precise personalization.

Onboard with Native Integrations

Activate Audiences

Enjoy one-click onboarding for simplified workflows. Sync directly from Decile to key marketing platforms, like Klaviyo, Attentive, Meta, TikTok and Google.

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