Data-Driven Marketing Solutions for eCommerce

Actionable analytics to inform and refine marketing strategy. Understand, grow, and retain your highest value customers.

Why Use Marketing Analytics Tools?

Growth Marketing

Identify common traits, purchasing patterns, and acquisition channels of your best customers, and find more like them. Automatically map new customers to the appropriate personas to measure the effects of your marketing strategies.

Answer questions like: What are the top personas for my brand? How does purchase behavior differ for high LTV customers? Which acquisition channels generate the best customers? Where are there new areas of untapped opportunity?

Retention Marketing

Don’t get blindsided by churn. Build long-lasting relationships by meeting your customers with timely communications that keep them engaged and inspired to purchase. Leverage predictive analytics to identify customer lifecycles, so you can launch retention-boosting nurture campaigns.

Answer questions like: How can I reduce the number of days between purchase? Which stage in the lifecycle are my customers in? How effective are discounts and promos for retention?

Empower Your Team

A dedicated success team helps you make sense of your data. From easy data setup and implementation to working as an extension of your team, we are with you every step of the way.

Meet on a regular cadence to discover critical insights and get strategic recommendations that help you act on your data. 

Decile retention marketing dashboard. Customers - Recency, Frequency, Monetary Tiers

How it Works

Using Decile’s marketing analytics tools, you can easily make data-centric decisions that help you grow profitably. Seamless integration allows you to ingest data from key platforms, and enrich that data with hundreds of attributes that help you know your customers. A dedicated success manager works with you to identify key trends in your data, and works as a strategic partner to help you meet business goals. Activate campaigns by onboarding audiences directly from Decile to marketing and advertising destinations.

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