Decile Named Recipient of Digiday’s Technology Awards 2023

Digiday Technology Awards Winner - Decile, Best Customer Data Platform

WASHINGTON, DC.: Decile, a customer data and analytics platform built for marketers, announced that it has received the honor of being named Digiday’s Technology Award 2023 winner in the category of Best Customer Data Platform. Digiday has considered a vast number of superb tech companies in this category, and Decile is thrilled to receive this recognition.

“Decile is committed to improving business outcomes for e-commerce brands through advanced data and analytics. We utilize AI, predictive analytics, comparative analytics, and today’s top technologies to allow marketers to leverage their most valuable marketing asset, their first party customer data,”,” said Cary Lawrence, Decile CEO. “Our Customer Success team assists our clients in identifying pockets of opportunity, refining product and marketing strategies, and finding more high value customers that will help the brand scale profitably.”

This milestone achievement would not be made possible without a team that truly believes in Decile’s mission – to help brands grow profitably. In an era where personalization is an integral piece of brands’ strategies, Decile is honored to be considered best in class. 

About Decile: Decile is a customer data and analytics platform whose mission is to help brands grow profitably. Our belief is that a marketer’s most valuable asset is their first-party data. Leveraging that data to drive meaningful and actionable results can be difficult. Decile simplifies this process with business insights that help build loyal customers, optimize product strategy, and drive lifetime value for marketers. Decile is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Graham Holdings Company.