E-Commerce Business Reports Now Available

Decile e-commerce business reports

As we wrap up the year, and begin to look at various business goals for 2021, we’re excited to announce that our new E-commerce Business Reports are now available! 

Within Decile, Shopify-integrated brands now have access to a range of business insights reports that highlight the most important elements of their e-comm business. With these, we’re answering the questions that are important for your brand.


Decile views the long-term retention and growth of your acquisition cohorts to develop the customer acquisition story. By tracking against your business’s acquisition goals, these views give insight into how well your brand is retaining new customers, how your brand is pacing to meet your acquisition goals, and how those customers are growing the business over time. 


To understand how your customer make-up changes over time, we create a visualized chart that breaks out demographic attributes. Your brand’s customer base is also distributed among three key variables that underpin customer value: recency of purchase, number of purchases (frequency), and how much money they’ve spent on purchases to identify loyalty, activity, and risk. Our goal is to correlate long-term value, customer evolution, and new opportunities for your brand.


Examining how your brand’s product contributes to acquisition, repurchase rates and long-term customer value, is tracked through downstream customer behaviors based on the first product(s) they purchased. The product reporting dashboards reveal how frequently customers of a given product are making a subsequent purchase giving you additional insight into seasonal and product mix trends. 


Track against your sales goals real-time, assess performance trends and benchmark this against previous periods. The sales report is an overview of your core business metrics – revenue, customers, orders, AOV – to inform you on the health of your business overall.

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