What you need to know about Decile’s Customer Data and Analytics Platform

Decile: Customer Data and Analytics with a Success Team on Top

We’re excited to share EcommerceTech’s unbiased review of the Decile platform.

If you’re looking to find out more about Decile from a trusted source and if it is right for your ecommerce business, the reviewer shares their own thoughts, “Decile combines great out-of-the-box analytics, with strong data enrichment to bring a lot of unique insights to your brand… Decile can be used across your organization, from marketing to operations to finance to merchandising, everyone can have a dashboard (or two or ten) that they use regularly to make changes in the business.” Want even more? Decile’s customer success managers make up our best in class, highly engaged analytics team that will work with you on a regular basis to dig deep into your data and reveal insights that you can action on immediately. Collaborating directly with your teams, Decile helps you to be more agile and measure the impact of changes to your business strategy.

The Decile platform has an abundance of features which solve your data science and modeling questions (without the need for complicated excel workbooks). The reviewer notes their favorite feature as well, “I really love their revenue forecasting analysis tool which helps you understand how many new customers you need to hit certain revenue milestones, and helps you work backwards from there, by adding cost of acquiring a new customer, to understand how much you should be budgeting for advertising/acquisition.”

At Decile, we listen to our customers to provide an analytics and business intelligence tool that works for you, answers your questions, and arms you with everything you need to grow your business.

Check out the full review here: Customer Data and Analytics Platform with a Success Team on Top. To learn more about other tools you need to grow your store, schedule a free consultation with EcommerceTech here.