5 Ways Decile is Satisfying Every E-commerce Marketer’s Holiday Wish List

E-commerce marketers: this is your sign

Despite the hot and humid days of summer, the holiday season is already in full swing. Holiday shopping is happening even earlier this year due to supply shortages and questions about delivery timelines. More than 30% of customers have already started their online shopping.

For e-commerce merchants focused on capitalizing on this opportunity, there are so many new variables to consider this year that it can be overwhelming. From post-iOS14 acquisition performance and measurement changes to supply chain disruptions to changing consumer behaviors, marketers need to quickly learn how to navigate the new waters.

Here is how Decile is addressing these e-commerce marketing challenges to help shape strategies now.

A robust view of who your customers are to enable more personalization at scale

First, our new Best Customer analysis generates unique customer profiles based on customers’ demographics, product affinity, and purchase behaviors — and then identifies the traits most predictive of high customer lifetime value (LTV).

In addition, Decile has added over 130 NEW e-commerce-focused behaviors to our already robust set of over a thousand attributes within the platform — covering demographics, purchasing behaviors and more.

Finally, it’s easier than ever to segment your customers by order history to compare, track engagement and onboard seamlessly.

Advanced ID-level subscription and lifecycle analytics for e-commerce merchants 

Marketers who utilize ReCharge and Upscribe in their martech stack can now incorporate that subscription data into more advanced analytics via Decile’s new subscription analytics offering.

And with Decile’s new lifecycle stage attributes, we assign your customers a lifecycle stage (active, at risk, and churned) based on their likelihood to repurchase — making it simple to isolate these customers, understand their preferences, and optimize your remarketing and winback efforts.

Product recommendations personalized for each and every customer

With Decile’s Basket Recommendation Analysis, increase customer order size by recommending products most commonly purchased together during browsing and at checkout. Likewise, the Next Purchase Analysis will improve retention and LTV by uncovering personalizing opportunities based on the most commonly purchased item sequences.


Measure your performance marketing in a post iOS14 ecosystem

Decile’s new CAC (customer acquisition cost) reports makes it easy to measure payback rates for your cohorts — as well as LTV:CAC ratios that are normalized by cohort maturity to help you compare cohort profitability apples-to-apples.

The CAC and Marketing Performance Report tracks four complementary CAC metrics, including Decile’s Multi-Touch Attribution-based CAC model. It also helps you isolate changes in measurement vs. performance by quantifying the gap between platform-reported conversions and actual purchases in your store.

Share and act on customer insights with agility this holiday season!

Decile works better with colleagues. Seamlessly share e-commerce reports with your colleagues, customized to the filters you’ve applied so it’s easy to share the insights you’ve uncovered.

There’s never been a more important time to meet customers where they are (whether it be channel, product or delivery preference). Let Decile know how we can help you take advantage of your first party customer data, your most valuable marketing asset this holiday season.