Decile Product Release: Attentive Integration

Decile integrations: Attentive, Amazon, Cookie-Based, Facebook, Google Ads, Pinterest, Shopify and more

Decile is excited to announce the latest addition of the Attentive SMS messaging platform to our Integrations Hub. This integration allows you to onboard Decile audiences, including our latest AI-modeled segments, directly into Attentive for use in your text message marketing campaigns. Decile’s Attentive integration joins our existing catalog of popular targeting integrations such as Meta, Google Ads and many others.

To get started, seamlessly connect your Attentive account from the Setup & Integrations section within Decile. Once your account is connected, navigate to Audience Onboarding to select the audience you’d like to target, and choose Attentive as an onboarding destination.

Decile’s auto-update feature, which dynamically updates audiences that have been onboarded to a target destination, is available as an option for any onboarded segment.

Once the audience has successfully onboarded, you can create a Dynamic Segment in the Attentive interface using the Decile audience name as a custom attribute. And with Decile’s Auto Update feature, any updates to your Decile audience will automatically sync to your Attentive segment. 

Enable your team to onboard more personalized segments for SMS campaigns with Decile & Attentive, and avoid marketing waste. 

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