Persona Mapping & Product Affinity – A Marketing Match Made in Heaven

E-commerce customers placing order on laptop

We know about the importance of personas in your personalization strategy. But how those personas change over time is just as essential, and oftentimes overlooked. Understanding how these groups are changing in value, size or product preference is key to identifying which marketing campaigns are having the most impact, or how your customer base is shifting. 

The Importance of Product Affinity Analysis

So how do you map newly acquired customers to the appropriate persona? If you’re doing this manually, it can be a long and tedious process – particularly if you’re dealing with large volumes of new customers. The most efficient and effective way is using AI to identify and assign new customers to the appropriate group as they are acquired.

Using AI to automatically assign new customers to the appropriate persona in real time allows you to:

  • Provide your marketing team with the insights they need to analyze and refine marketing campaigns in real time

  • Democratize access to business critical insights across your organization so they don’t just live with the Business Intelligence team

  • Deliver more accurate and effective personalization campaigns

  • Avoid outdated and costly marketing research panels focused on a narrow window of customers

How to Use Product Affinity Analysis in Your Marketing Efforts

Now that your automatic persona mapping is set up, you’ll want to explore how product preferences differ between personas. While it’s valuable to understand which products your customers gravitate towards as a whole, going one layer deeper to see how product choices differ between personas is where you’ll see the most payoff and help you tailor your creative messaging in a more sophisticated way. You may find that suburban moms are more likely to be subscribers, while urban singles are more likely to purchase the newest scent. Furthermore, you’ll be able to identify purchase patterns for each persona cohort, like repurchase rates and what their second purchase is most likely to be. 

How do you use this information to optimize marketing efforts? The simplest way is target each persona with personalized creative and messaging based on the product they are most likely to purchase or repurchase. With an understanding of how your personas differ and which products they have a preference for, you’ll be able to create highly targeted campaigns to drive profitability. Additionally, identifying which personas are most valuable will help you focus marketing efforts on acquiring more of those high value personas. 

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