Modern Customer Data Platform (CDP): Enriched Customer Data + Advanced Analytics

Modern CDP

With an e-commerce storefront and loads of marketing data, you are collecting vast amounts of data about your customers. But to effectively leverage that data and gain valuable insights, marketers need robust tools.

A Customer Data Enrichment Platform will Increase Your Revenue

Many established brands use a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to empower their teams to make data-driven decisions, but they can often be costly and require complicated data governance. For growing brands, this makes CDPs and the sophistication of the tools seem out of reach.

Thankfully, that isn’t always the case. Modern CDPs, like Decile, allow users to leverage the benefits of a traditional CDP with advanced analytics layered on top, and the ability to easily apply insights to key marketing workflows. 

What is a traditional CDP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows businesses to collect, unify, and manage customer data from multiple sources to a central system. Customer information is sorted and cleaned for a more comprehensive view of each customer and then onboarded to the desired platform. 

By consolidating and analyzing customer data, CDPs provide insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and buying patterns. Marketers can leverage these insights to optimize marketing strategies, improve targeting and personalize customer experiences. 


How is a modern CDP different? 

Deloitte’s recent release of  The Power of First-Party Data Strategies for Marketers highlights the maturity curve in using first-party data. “Best in Class” CDP solutions are noted to provide “360-view of the customer” and the ability to “power predictive AI/ML models.” 

A modern CDP (like Decile) can help you reach this “Best in Class” status, without the friction of cost and complexity – and with added features. Custom built for marketers, Decile fills in the gaps left by traditional CDPs – like the ability to quickly and easily apply advanced analytics to the data, and act on that data. 

Data is ingested and enriched with hundreds of attributes, and can then be segmented, compared, and acted on instantly. Easily identify your top customers using AI and predictive functionality, and onboard directly to marketing/advertising platforms to streamline workflows.  Even with the right insights at your fingertips, the best teams can find it intimidating to analyze those insights and understand which marketing actions will be most effective and impactful. Decile’s team of experts help you make sense of it all, and will recommend a roadmap to make the most of your marketing and product strategy. The result? A personalized strategy with campaigns that are 100% optimized, maximizing profitability and revenue for your brand.  

In today’s data-driven landscape, a modern CDP can empower marketers to harness the potential of customer data, product data, and build a winning strategy.