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eCommerce Customer Analytics

How it Works

Decile empowers your team to learn about your top customers, act on your insights, and measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Utilize ecommerce analytics dashboards, AI-generated personas, and comparative analytics features to understand how your key audiences are evolving over time as new customers are acquired. Measure progress over time to ensure your business is growing your high LTV cohorts and continuing your path to profitable growth.

Ecommerce Measurement Tools

Make informed strategy adjustments based on your data, and measure the effect of those changes. Monitor metrics down to the cohort-level and track against revenue goals. Compare audiences and benchmarks over time, and clearly see progress towards your goals.

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Track progress against metrics like customer LTV and CAC. Simplify analysis of acquisition costs, lifetime value, and purchase activity across key segments to optimize strategy.

Track Growth of Key Customer Groups

Measure how key audiences and personas evolve as new customers are acquired. Understand which channels and products are most effective in driving high LTV customers.  

Inform Business Strategy & Monitor Business Health

Build data-driven strategies with cohort-level analytics. Gain insight into which customers are most likely to grow your business and contribute to long-term business health. 

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