Predictive High Value Customer Models

Decile Releases Upgrade to Predictive High Value Customer Models Providing Marketers with Deeper Insights into Profitable Retention Strategies

Leading Customer Data and Analytics Software Launches 2nd Generation Built-in Predictive Models Designed to Identify Most Profitable Customers More Quickly and Efficiently 

Decile, an all-in-one customer data and analytics platform, built by and for marketers, released today its second generation predictive models which leverage machine-learning and proprietary data to forecast customer attributes such as their propensity to repurchase and future lifetime value. The improved models and newly-launched dashboard feature provide ecommerce marketers with more accurate and actionable insights into who their most profitable customers are and allows them to seamlessly target them through audience exports into all major digital acquisition and remarketing platforms, including Meta and Google. 

Decile was built with the goal of helping brands grow profitably through the use of actionable, identity-based insights. One of the most important aspects of driving profit is the identification of high-value customers. A high-value customer is defined by many standard metrics such as having a high lifetime value and favorable repurchase rates; however, identifying which recently acquired customers are likely to become high value customers is often only understood after waiting for multiple purchase cycles to occur. This delay often wastes time in understanding which marketing tactics actually helped a brand acquire its most valuable customers, resulting in ineffective targeting and misused ad spend. 

Decile’s predictive models leverage a brand’s first-party data and proprietary machine learning algorithms to predict high-value customer segments. With this approach, Decile is able to achieve a 4x lift in predicting who is most likely to make an additional purchase for a brand, and accurately identify the customers who will spend the most in the future. These insights allow marketers to drive personalized marketing campaigns focused on high-value groups with the click of a button, subsequently increasing a brand’s overall profitability.

“Gone are the days of judging the success of a marketing campaign based solely on platform reported conversions,” said Cary Lawrence, CEO of Decile. “What most marketers don’t realize is that oftentimes their top 10% of customers generate 40-60% of their total revenue and profit. This means brands should be focused on allocating resources towards engaging with their most profitable customers and our enhanced models and onboarding capabilities help them do exactly that. Our models identify which customers will be the highest value or have the highest propensity to purchase in the future, then classify them into segments that marketers can take action on with the right message.”

While some Customer Data Platforms available on the market predict LTV through standardized one-size-fits-all models that generalize data in aggregate, Decile’s latest generation models are built through analyzing individualized customer-level data points from within a brand’s first-party data to predict their behavior and LTV. Further enhancing the usability of these insights, Decile has launched a new dashboard module featuring the ability to view predictive lifetime value for recently acquired customers over multiple timeframes, as well as one-click access to view these metrics with adjustable parameters such as product purchase affinities.

Decile’s innovative solution bridges the divide between traditional customer data platforms and analytics softwares, allowing brands to reduce their tech stacks with an all-in-one tool. To learn more about Decile, schedule a demo today.

About Decile

Decile is a customer data and analytics platform whose founding mission is to help brands grow profitably. Our belief is that a marketer’s most valuable asset is their first-party data. But leveraging that data to drive meaningful and actionable insights is oftentimes difficult. Decile simplifies this process with business insights that help build loyal customers, optimize product strategy, and drive lifetime value for your brand.

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